About Aphrodite lift

About Aphrodite Lift

take care of your feminine health

Aphrodite LiftTM is a feminine lifting procedure utilizing fda approved laser to treat feminine health. The laser can be applied to the vaginal wall and external tissues. It is a quick 15 minute procedure that promotes remodeling of the vaginal wall which leads to rejuvenating effects. Aphrodite LiftTM is an in office procedure that requires no anesthesia and there’s minimal to no downtime after the procedure. Aphrodite LiftTM is a series of 3-4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, with most patients reporting improvements by the second treatment.You also have the option to have an external treatment in order to help shrink the size of the labia or firm up tissue. Many woman are timid about talking about one or more of these concerns.You no longer need to be, because you are not alone.


Aphrodite ShotTM can be performed in combination with Aphrodite LiftTM. Using PRP, your own Plasma Rich Protein injected into the G-Spot, Clitoral hood, and vaginal canal to improve sexual function and incontinence.


Aphrodite LIft solves many problems you may have

Regenerate vaginal health with no surgery and minimal to no downtime. Majority of patients find this to be a very comfortable and painless procedure.

Improves Stress Urinary Incontinence SUI

Leakage during exercise, yoga, running or
laughing too hard

Painful Intercourse & Dryness

Laxity & Laxity after Childbirth

Inconsistent Climax

Lack of Sensitivity

Dissatisfaction with Appearance

Lichen Sclerosis + Lichen Planus

Prescription for oxytocin To aid in the improvement of bonding and
sexual response

Bio-identical hormones to improve lubrication desire incontinence and more

Aphrodite Lift topical external cream to improve hydration to the vulva

Combine RF and CO2 lasers for optimal results

Platelet Rich Plasma


Many women are timid about talking about one or more of these concerns.You no longer need to be, because you are not alone.


Menopausal or postmenopausal

A breast cancer conqueror struggling with dryness use lubricant regularly

If you experience pain or burning during intercourse

If you have urgency or leakage that limits your activity
like yoga running or just laughing too hard

If you wish you could improve the outward appearance
of your feminine regions then you should consider Aphrodite lift


We Are Here For You

Pre-treatment Instructions:

– Try to refrain from intercourse 24h prior to the treatment

– Avoid the use of lubricants or vaginal creams 48 hours prior to treatment

– Wear a tampon 4 hours prior to treatment

– You may or may not need a vaginal dilator prior to treatment

– Not recommended on heavy flow day

– Last pap smear should be normal and performed on a regular scheduled basis as per your Ob/gyn.

Post-treatment Instructions:

– Many patients refrain from vaginal sexual activity for 24-48 hours following treatment

– Most patients resume normal activity immediately after the procedure as tolerated.

– Continue preventative health and pap smears with your primary healthcare physician or OB/Gyn


400 W Magee Rd
Tucson, AZ 85704
Tel: 520.389.8080

“This is a breakthrough in Womens health, in that it is noninvasive with minimal to no downtime and can drastically improve women’s health. Especially in a market that is dominated with attention to male fulfillment, we can now finally offer women healthieroutcomes without taking pills or creating other untoward side effects. Our patients have reported noticeable improvement by the second treatment.” DR.RUBBANI


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